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April 21, 2011


Sims Wyeth

As an actor trained by Robert LLoyd of Peter Brook's company, and also trained by Beatrice Straight, an Academy Award winner and student of Michael Chekhov, I am familiar with the outside-in technique of altering one's internal state.

It is intuitive of course, since we feel better when we exercise. It was also well known by Rudolf Steiner, and many other 19th century thinkers, who understood the connection between the mind and the body.

I want to caution all of us who work in this area that the first two things we need are

1. mastery of our content, and
2. greater concern for the well-being of our audience than for ourselves.

Unless we have the these two attributes under our hats, so to speak, we are only demagogues and charlatans.

Sims Wyeth

Lou Hampton

Thanks, Fred, for the comment.
To my readers: check out Fred's blog at http://www.NoSweatPublicSpeaking.com

Fred E. Miller

Great suggestions here!

Gavin Meikle at www.inter-activ.co.uk makes the point that standing with feet shoulder width apart, and pointing the feet slightly outward, throws the shoulders back and chest out.

I tried this while watching his video and it works!

Thanks for the Post.

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