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August 12, 2011



Great observations and summary! I was also impressed with Huntsman -- mainly because I've never heard him speak before, but he was very appealing. However, he has no chance in 2012 and he doesn't seem to have integrity when it comes committing to his personal beliefs.

Bachmann is at least MUCH easier to like than Palin, speaks more intelligently, and actually has the credentials for it. Nice to see another GOP woman in the race. But she'll never win.

Mitt still needs to give a better defense of his MA health care plan. It's OK to say "this is what we felt was necessary to do in MA, and we got input and support from the conservative Heritage Foundation, among others. But is it perfect? No. Should the plan be adopted by other states? No. Should the plan be implemented at a national/federal level? HECK NO! And by the way, if Obamacare is modeled after 'Romneycare,' how come no one from Obama's team bothered to call me or consult with me? I guess I should sue them for copyright infringement!!"

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